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Ask Technologies offers solutions for:
Turnkey Solutions & Bot Projects

Drinking Water Treatment Systems
Waste Water Treatment Systems
Process Water Treatment Systems
Environment Impact Assessment
Oceanographic, Hydro Geological Investigations
  Maintenance Services at Water & Wastewater Treatment Units
Industrial Automation.
 Ask Technologies started its operation in Pakistan in collaboration with Turkey’s leading environmental & water treatment firm Aritim Muhendislik
Ask Technologies offers turnkey solution for wastewater and water treatment. The solution includes environmental studies and subsequent mitigation strategies.
The projects undertaken by Ask Technologies include impact of brine discharge to the sea in Gwadar and solution through plume modeling etc. The field of expertise of Ask Technologies also include hydro-geological investigations, oceanographic surveys etc. Ask Technologies methodology for wastewater and water treatment systems is to study the problem and suggest the most appropriate economical technology.
Ask Technologies’ partner M/s. ARITIM MUHENDISLIK has been in the water business for more than 20 years and installed more than 600 plants worldwide.